Images by Miroslav Málek, Alon Askarov, and Ofer Kapota

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A powerful tool which makes a revolution in coloring of line art. Try it and see how your productivity increases!

The plugin does not work in TVPaint 11.

You can still use LazyBrush with an older version of TVPaint, e.g. TVP 10.5, 10, or 9.

Owners of the Pro version of TVP 11 don't need to buy this plugin, since LazyBrush is already built into the TVP 11 Pro, where it's called a "CTG Layer".

Video Tutorials

How to paint an image?

This tutorial demonstrates first basic steps: how to create auxiliary scribbles and color layers, use foreground (FG) and background (BG) scribbles, and extract color segments into separate layers.

How to paint an animation?

Useful tips and tricks for painting animations: how to draw scribbles simultaneously at multiple frames, paint the animation at one snap, and how to handle more complex animations.

Step-by-Step Guide

1) First Steps

With LazyBrush you color images by drawing special strokes called scribbles. They hint LazyBrush which region to fill with what color. Scribbles reside in separate layer so that you can modify them at any time.

2) Placing BG scribble

Previous video showed how to create a scribble layer that already has an initial background (BG) scribble pre-drawn. However, you can also create clean scribble layer and draw the BG scribble yourself.

3) Revealing background

The BG scribble fills regions with transparent color. You can use it, e.g., to cut holes and make the layer beneath visible as shown in this tutorial.

4) Multiple fills at once

Because scribbles are just hints they don't have to be accurate. Overdrawing and imprecise placement is OK. You can, e.g., quickly fill many regions at once with single lazy stroke.

5) Colors blend into lines

When LazyBrush fills a region it spreads the color all the way under the line art. This means that colors blend nicely with soft and fuzzy outlines. You can color hand-drawn images right away without cleanup.

6) No leaks through gaps

As compared to basic FloodFill tool LazyBrush won't leak colors through gaps. There's no need for gap closing or tedious parameter tuning. It just works.

7) Working with scribbles

Given a scribble LazyBrush will try to fill as many pixels as possible while balancing the no-leak goal. When the result doesn't match your intention you can always refine it by drawing additional scribbles or erasing existing ones.

8) Scribble competition

When there are multiple scribbles inside a region the color that covers the largest portion of this region will prevail. To make some color dominate inside a region, put more of its scribbles in.